Snare drum: what it is and how to choose it

If you are a drummer, you already know what it means, if instead you intend to buy a drum and are trying to find out what a snare drum is then I try to give you a concise explanation: when a person badly imitates, with the voice, the sound of drums, 90% of the time it makes a very clear “tutu-pah”, right? Here, that “pah” is the sound of the snare drum in the lo-fi version. Choose the best snare wires.

Pregnancy pillow: which one to choose

The pregnancy pillow is a special pillow that, by supporting certain parts of the body, allows the pregnant woman to rest and sleep comfortably and to relieve some typical pains of pregnancy (back pain, swollen legs, heavy belly). Those who have tried it know how useful, convenient, and why it is important to use it. For those who have not tried it yet and would like to buy one, here is some useful information on brands, models. Here more

From Dust Review

From Dust is a rich, engaging experience, jam-packed with challenging situations. Despite its flimsy cursor, one of a very small number of issues, From Dust offers a powerful and memorable look at the fascinating god Read more…