After watching the Batman: Arkham City trailers and seeing the released pictures I am filled with the kind of glee that teenage girls get when they watch the latest Twilight trailer. With the multitude of villains that the game boasts, including the Joker and his main plotline, it looks like it will be easy to get lost in the newest Batman game.

Villains, Villains, Villains

The roster list of villains is huge in this game: The Penguin, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Two-Face, plus The Joker (of course) just to name a few. While there are so many different villains I thought that it might be possible for the Joker and the main story to be overshadowed.

Thankfully Rock Steady’s marketing game manager Dax Ginn tried to put those fears to rest in a recent interview with Playstation magazine. “Every aspect of the game is character driven.” Ginn goes on to explain that even though there are a lot of villains, they aren’t all flung at you at once. You are left to explore Arkham City and deal with each bad guy at your own leisure. The battles with the other villains in the story look like they fall somewhere between the main plot and side quests. Again, reassurance is quickly dealt out, with Ginn explaining that none of the side quests are irrelevant fluff, which will be awesome.

Familiar Places ( So stoked!!)

“We didn’t set out to make the biggest open-world game ever made, just the most detailed…” Ginn states. Littered across the map are locations that are not only relevant to the gameplay, but taken right out of the comics, finally. I love when they bring games back to the original comics. Even Crime Alley, the spot where young Bruce Wayne saw his parents murdered (as if I had to tell you), is there.

The game is definitely set up to deliver for fans, complete with melancholy music to set the somber mood, each villain is said to be given not only their own time against the Bat but awesome plot lines, dialogue, and scenarios that perfectly fit the villain. No cameos where the enemy is just mindlessly attacking, each villain not only has their own tailor made set of tactics, but they also boast armies of thugs and minions to do their bidding.


I am really excited to see the combat system they intend to implement. Not only are the villain’s combat rumored to be amazing, but Batman’s has improved as well. While many of the same abilities are still around from Arkham Asylum, there are plenty of new additions with the expanded area; including bringing a flight option to the game. Not the traditional sort, but gliding, giving you the ability to dive bomb foes and cross the map pretty quickly- with practice I am assuming.

The game even includes multiple player characters including Robin, which is currently only available with the Best Buy Pre-Order package; as well as Catwoman, moving with the feline grace that she deserves. With her familiar sexy cat suit and love-hate relationship with Batman, the inclusion will prove to be something interesting.

Batman: Arkham City is determined to be an improvement on its successor, and from everything that’s been released so far, the game will surely be Game of the Year material. Get ready for the release date on October 18. Anyone want to camp out for it? I have a costume ready!

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