We’ve all been there; a kill streak so intense that no one would ever believe you, only if there was a way to capture your gameplay footage for bragging rights. Thanks to the Roxio Game Capture we now have an easy to use, high quality and most importantly, cost-effective solution to capture all your finest gaming moments.

The device is offers a no fuss, plug and play experience so you can just jump right in and start recording. Roxio have included a set of gold-plated component cables to connect the Game Capture to your TV, a lengthy USB cable to connect it to your PC or Laptop, and all you need to do is plug in your console with component cables. Unfortunately, the Game Capture doesn’t support OS X or Linux, so you’ll need a Windows PC or Laptop to capture your footage.

Roxio provides you with software that is easy to use; simply open up the Game Capture software on your PC and you will see your game screen mirrored onto your computer display. Set the destination for the footage and hit capture. Then all you need to worry about is pwning noobs and making yourself look good.

The software also includes a very basic video editing suite that will suit beginners, but those who have dabbled in video production before will most likely opt for Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Roxio should be applauded for offering simple, easy to use software so that users can get the job done, no matter their skill level with video capture.

The device itself is very small, lightweight and is unobtrusive. It hardly takes up any space, so it won’t be noticeable in your entertainment unit, and won’t take away critical space like other solutions out there. The quality of the footage is rather impressive, capturing images from your PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii in HD.

One minor gripe is the lack of standard RCA support; it would have been nice to be able to capture retro footage such as the SNES, Gamecube of PlayStation 2. It’s definitely not a major issue, but it would have been a nice addition. Also it is quite puzzling why the device would leave out HDMI support considering 2 out of the three current generation consoles have that feature as standard.

Overall the Roxio Game Capture is a fantastic device to record your finest gaming moments with minimal fuss. The easy to use software will ensure everyone can capture footage without trouble, and the plug and play nature of the device ensures a quick and easy setup.

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